Our Wedding Day


We got married on January 21, 2017. There was so much work and energy went into that day that we will treasure  in our memories forever. We started planning one year in advance. By the time the wedding day came it still didn't feel like we had everything we needed to be done. This was our first time trying to plan a wedding...since neither of us had been married before or ever been a part of a wedding. So right away!....JUMPED on PINTEREST! We started pinning all kinds of decorations, invitations, dresses, shoes....you name it! CRAZY OVERLOAD of ideas! It was so much that we became overwhelmed with what we  wanted our special day to look like. There was constant changes happening..

We started looking for vendors....where to start? Who do we trust? Ugh ok lets read reviews. We started with a venue. We had a venue in mind then found out our date wasn't available and with the price they quoted us......it did not include Food, alcohol or linens! We were planning a wedding on a budget! Right away we got discouraged....Do we really even have enough money to plan a wedding? This is going to be more work than we thought! So we started researching. We worked as a team to find the most affordable vendors that still had good reviews....kind of hard to find sometimes. Everything started falling into place. Venue, Food, Photographer, DJ, Cake!

The morning of our wedding I wanted to wake up and be at our venue by 10am and decorate myself. Only I knew how I wanted the venue set up and every little detail. I wanted everything perfect. Matt told me I was crazy! How was I supposed to decorate in 1 hour get back home to get my hair done by 11am and get all my stuff packed and all the bridesmaids ready and to the church by 12pm?! I was not being realistic.

The day of our wedding.....several things didn't go as planned. The sound person at the church did not show up on time- which meant the prelude music wasn't playing. There was also a miscommunication between our venue and one of the vendors we hired.  But nobody noticed except for Matt and I. Our wedding day wasn't perfect but it was perfect to us.